Created by a mother for her daughter

I created BlueLoop after my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes - I needed a better way to stay on top of her care. My daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2003. Once the initial shock wore off, my maternal instincts took over.

Today, BlueLoop works for any medical condition. Whether it’s logging medical information, getting reminders, or keeping caregivers in the loop, the solution I created for me, can work for you.

Pam Henry
Mom and Founder

Pam and Sarah

We're Mobile!

We're now everywhere you need to be with our new mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

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  • On The Go

    With our new mobile apps you can keep up your families active lifestyle while still tracking your child's vital medical information.

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  • Stay In The Loop

    You're never out of touch with our communication and notification features.

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  • Peace of Mind

    Everything we do is ultimately to provide you with peace of mind that comes from being kept abreast of your child's care throughout the day.

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MyCareConnect Foundation

John and I started our foundation knowing our service is critical, especially to newly diagnosed families, those struggling to make ends meet and of course, school nurses. We can proudly say we are the ONLY solution used today to coordinate care between a child, their family and their school.

Thanks to all of our diabetes educators and school nurses who help us find so many families in need.

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