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Our Mission

Supporting the physical and emotional well-being of children with diabetes, and those who care for them, by facilitating communication among home, school and clinic.

The Need

Foundation Process

42 children are diagnosed with T1D each day. The vast majority of the children we serve are newly diagnosed, yet too many are under-insured, low-income and require more support, not just technology, in the weeks & months following diagnosis.

The Solution

Imagine a quick and easy solution that can address the immediate challenges families face after diagnosis, so that they can coordinate care seamlessly and provide ongoing education and support for their child and all his/her caregivers. The MyCareConnect Foundation runs programs structured around two key, interconnected, diabetes care models.

Daily Notifications

Care Coordination using BlueLoop®

BlueLoop® is a web and mobile tool that enables care coordination among caregivers, improving a child's and family's ability to manage diabetes, especially when the child is away from home. The BlueLoop® platform was founded on the premise that communication, not just data, is the key to positive health outcomes. As data is entered, it's instantly shared with designated caregivers (mom, dad, school nurse) through email and text notifications. As a result, knowledgeable caregivers are always "on call", ready to offer real-time, expert advice and assistance.

The Impact?
BlueLoop® delivers roughly 8,000 notifications to families each day. These communications are not just critical for care coordination; more importantly, they provide peace of mind for families and school nurses, and more freedom for children.

Education, Support and Outreach

The Foundation depends heavily on outreach to "plant our seeds" in communities across America. By attending school nurse events, family events, diabetes camps, clinics and diabetes organizations (JDRF, ADA), we are able to share our message of care coordination.

Providing support to families and schools is critical. Most come to us in crisis, either newly diagnosed or having difficulty managing a child's diabetes. We reach out to every family and school that is referred to us, or has signed up to use BlueLoop®. We let people know they're not alone, that we're here to listen, share our own experience, and provide them with helpful resources that give them hope.

Founding Alliance Partners

We are so fortunate to be working with the following partners in our effort to provide a safe and healthy future for our kids with diabetes and their schools.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is changing the future of diabetes. They believe the health of tomorrow depends upon the way we care for, cure, and prevent diabetes today. John and I couldn't agree more!

Find out more.

Hospital/Clinic Partners

John and I, along with our families and schools, are grateful to all the doctors and CDE’s who recognize the immediate impact we make in the lives of our children.

Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin Arkansas Childrens Hospital Childrens Health Children's Medical Center Dallas COPEDS - Central Ohio Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes Services Pediatric Endocrine Specialists of Georgia Barbar Davis Center for Diabetes

Schools / School Nurses

Caring for our kids with diabetes is one of the toughest things a school will ever face. It is why we dedicate so much time and resources providing education, training and support to thousands of school nurses, teachers and staff – you are our most valuable resource!


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